Sustainability meets design.  Stop sending coffee cups to landfill and keep a CRUMPLE cup in your pocket/purse instead! Designed in Australia as an innovative solution to more than 1 billion coffee cups being sent to landfill each year.  CRUMPLE cups are ethically made with a proportion of profits directed to offsetting the carbon emissions from manufacturing.  
Keep it in your purse/backpack/pocket for the daily grind. Stash one in your gear for travels & adventures.
  • 350ml / 12oz
  • Made from FDA approved food grade silicone
  • Heat Safe from -50oC to +200oC
  • Plastic components are BPA free / Chemical Free
  • All components come apart for ease of cleaning and can be used in the dishwasher
  • Made with the highest quality materials ensuring the cup is odour free and will not affect the taste of your coffee
  • Leak Proof, durable, collapsible, portable, light weight
There are many options to BYO cup, but research has proven three reasons why we don't keep a cup handy for coffee on the run:
1. They are too bulky to carry around on the daily commute 
2. They are made of plastic with concerns for the chemicals and taste they emit into your drink 
3. They are made of glass and are too breakable, or plastic ones end up leaking as they wear and crack over time 
CRUMPLE cups solve all your concerns with an innovative design where form meets function, aesthetics meet sustainability.
CRUMPLE cups are collapsible, and compact down to a small disc that you can keep in your pocket/purse
CRUMPLE cups are made of food grade silicone which is chemical free and doesn't emit any odours into your drink and even help to retain heat
CRUMPLE cups are durable, bendable, robust, bouncy and un-bustable (and most importantly leak proof)
Now all that's left is to decide on which colour!